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Sip & Paint – Get ready to sip, swirl, and unleash your inner artist in our delightful Sip & Paint sessions! Join our enchanting painting sessions, available day and night, designed to ignite the imagination of both grown-ups and little Picassos, where you'll be treated to scrumptious finger foods that tickle your taste buds and indulge in a glass of your preferred assortment of drinks, lovingly served as a complimentary treat. Our friendly painting instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all. So grab a brush, raise your glass, and let the colorful creativity flow!

Pottery – our dedicated pottery session on the potter's wheel will offer a unique hands-on experience that is guaranteed to unfurl the creativity in you.

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Education (Skill acquisition courses on Drawing, Painting & pottery)
We have designed our training courses to impart tangible skills across three proficiency levels. At the time of admission into our Educational program, we conduct a proficiency test to assist our students to determine the proper entry point into the program.
To register for any of our educational programs. Please, click the button below

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Get ready to put your creative genius on the table and mold a masterpiece that springs straight from your imagination. Our resident ceramist will be available to provide instruction for this hands-on activity with the Clay to create any item your mind can think-up.

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Our facility is available for your bespoke events. Please click Here to make inquiries about renting any part of the Hub.

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We offer a properly furnished, flexible, and cost-effective studio space in a calm and creative environment with adequate support and flexibility to help artists achieve their projects. For bookings please click here


Embark on a whimsical sculpting adventure, hand-in-hand with your nearest and dearest! Together, we'll craft an everlasting masterpiece that captures the essence of your unique connection. Let your hands intertwine, shaping the clay with love and laughter, as you create a truly memorable and intimate work of art .

Shoot ur Shot

Get ready for some colorful chaos as you take aim with an air gun to pop paint-filled balloons! Once the colorful explosions are unleashed, we'll spin your canvas, turning those vibrant paint splatters into a jaw-dropping abstract masterpiece. Get ready to create art in the most playful and exciting way! 18+ ONLY

Spill n Spin

Unleash your inner artist with a whimsical painting style where colors dance and collide! This playful technique involves gleefully dripping, splashing, and pouring paint onto the canvas, creating a mesmerizing masterpiece that captures the joy and freedom of artistic expression. Let your creativity flow as you embrace the delightful chaos of this abstract painting method!

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About Us

Ceracerni's Art Hub is designed as an Art Skills Acquisition Centre and Gallery for Art Exhibitions where Art is taught and exhibited.

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