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complimentary small chops

Complimentary Small Chops

Complimentary drinks

Complimentary Drinks


Your Art


A colorful escapade full of excitement, sailing through a sea of colors and imaginations!

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Shoot 'ur' Shot

Get ready for some colorful chaos as you take aim with an air gun to pop paint-filled balloons!

Age Grade: 18+



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Spill 'n' Spin

Unleash your inner artist with a whimsical painting style where colors dance and collide!

Age Grade: Adults & 5+



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Book for Sip 'and' Paint Service

Sip 'and' Paint

Come let out your inner Picasso in our painting sessions!

Age Grade: Adults & 5+



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Come get your hands dirty! Our pottery sessions will tingle your senses

Age Grade: Adults & 5+



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Table Moulding

Get ready to put your genius on the table and mold a masterpiece that springs straight from your imagination.

Age Grade: Adults & 5+



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Let your hands intertwine, shaping the clay with love and laughter, as you create a truly memorable and intimate work of art .

Age Grade: All



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Art Cycle service

Art Cycle

This is a self-led art experience with a blend of creativity and physical activity. Come create a unique abstract Art while burning some calories.

Age Grade: Adults and 12+



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The Side Cafe

Thrill your taste buds with an assortment of drinks, tea & Coffee, and comfort meals.

Age Grade: 1+

The Side Cafe

The Creative Workshop

Sign up for our bespoke art classes and unleash your creativity

Creative Rental Space

Come create beautiful memories while having fun!

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How do I know if a space is avaliable?

To inquire about space availability, please click here to contact us directly.

Do I need to book for my activity?

Yes, We recommend securing your spot in advance to ensure availability and a seamless experience.

How do I book for my activity?

To book your activity, simply click on your desired activity and follow the booking prompts provided. It's a straightforward process designed to make your booking experience seamless and hassle-free

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Ceracerni’s Art Hub is designed as an Art Skills Acquisition Centre and Gallery for Art Exhibitions where Art is taught and exhibited.

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